Getting datagridviewcomboboxcell default selected item value

Consider a following scenario: You have a datagridview bound to a datasource and you need to add one new combo box column with some values that are not linked to the bound datasource from which the user has to selected some values or simply approve them. You also need to get some preselected value in every combobox cell. Now setting the Value property of the datagridviewcomboboxcell with give you a string not the object itself, meaning that setting something like this mydatagridviewcomboboxcell.Value = myObject; will return you a string not myObject. However if the user selects a value from the dropdown the value will be set to a myobject instance. You can use this in your advantage, getting the the “default” selected value like this: if(mydatagridviewcomboboxcell.getType() == String) {//no user interaction here, the default value of the cell is selected and you can grab it from first item of the combo for example mydatagridviewcomboboxcell.Items[0] as myobject } else { //the user edited this cell and we have a value of type myobject }