Connecting to various printers from mac cups

Connect to windows spool

Go to: http://localhost:631
Administration > Add printer > Windows printer via spools > smb://username:password@printer_ip/<printer_name>.

Connect to Lexmark printer

Administration > Add printer > Internet printing protocol > ipp://<printer_name>

Connect to HP printer

Administration > Add printer > AppSocket/HP JetDirect > socket://<printer_ip>:9100

Windows reloaded or failure reloaded?

Today i had some time to look inside of some newsletter i got in the last few days. One of them seemed pretty interesting because it was talking about a totally new Windows, with cool new stuff(yeah heard that before) and a complete new design(same here). While i wasn’t quite convinced about the last, i took a look at one of the videos presenting the new redesigned UI. In my oppion the changes look good, though they don’t bring something really spectacular compared to competition (in fact it shouldn’t, as it has to be still friendly for people coming from prior versions), but it’s a good change that strengthens my belief that Windows is one of the best choices for most of the people when it comes to daily computer usage. One interesting thing is that Microsoft started to impose restrictions for the Windows 8 tablet chipmakers according to, which in my oppinion is one of the best things they’ve did in the past decade … it should bring more quality, lower prices and most of all … a better experience(did they finally learn the apple philosophy?). – original post here

Anyway here are the videos.

And second one from the Windows 8 presentation in taiwan.
[iframe src=”” width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no]

More information can be found on

Using the right tools at the right time

Reading my daily dose of feeds on GReader, i came across on an older post from Bruno Lowagie’s blog (if iText rings any bells) explaining why software needs to be kept simple and oriented to its designed role and not doing a ton of things that don’t have anything to do with the initial target. I don’t know why but the story amuzes me everytime i read it. here it is:

Don’t eat soup with a fork

Will Microsoft screw up on this too?

Rumours are getting bigger and bigger everyday about Microsoft taking over Skype for 8.5 billion. At first look seems like a good move for Microsoft as Skype is in someway the missing link to the top of mobile/internet business. Everything seems great, but as far as users are concerned Microsoft does not have a good history when it comes to marketing/making stuff for mobiles or web. Only time can tell though if this is a good move both for Microsoft and for the users.


Original article here:

Old things and their beauty

There are weeks when work is just over your head, when you feel like you need something new … but sometimes old will be as good as new. I was skeptic about the fact that a walk in a museum of old country side houses would give my mood a tremendous boost, but it really did. Hope it will do the same to other people.


Getting content from a signed pdf document

While most of the time the person that adds a signature for the document, disabling the editing of that document has good reasons for doing so, you sometimes might need to get that content to make some changes. For that you’ll need Acrobat Professional and OSX (tested on 10.4 … might work on 10.5 too):

First step: Open you pdf document with Preview and select the “Select tool” and select the part of the document that you need to edit and copy it.

Second step: Create a new document, hit paste and save it.
Note: at this point the document is editable but the fonts might come as garbage. However you can use the next steps to overcome that.

The next steps are only for flattening/outlining fonts.

Third step: Open the newly created document with Acrobat Professional and add a background to the document from Document -> Background – > Add and set the Opacity to 0(this is needed most of the time if you want to flatten the document).

Fourth step: Flatten the document from Advanced -> Print Production -> Flattener preview (check Convert all text to outlines if you want the fonts to be outlined) and save the document.

This should be it … now you should have an unlocked and working file.

Did you ever felt like wishing to hear something else

Well at least for me that happens pretty often … especially when living in a town where noise is something familiar. For those moments when you’re sick and tired there’s a remedy … Zen Connection (Compiled and mixed by Leigh Wood)  … there’s already  Zen Coding, Zen moments, Zen houses and zen whatever … why not a zen compilation :) … it will worth every second of listening if you like the buddha bar style music, i promise.

You should be able to find some previews here:

Zen Connection 1
Zen Connection 2
Zen Connection 3
Zen Connection 4

Note: (the player should start automatically on the above links)